Friday, January 22, 2010

Smiling Bear

Today's lunch- rice with cheddar, with nori and cheese smiling bear face. Next to it is red bell pepper sticks, pineapple (doesn't it kind of look like a butterfly like that?), turkey and cheese roll-ups, and yummy yummy blackberries!! ^-^

My nori cutting is...well, I know it's not that good. It's so hard to do! But I hope that my nori punch will arrive soon, and make things a little bit easier. I've been thinking about maybe getting some more precise cutting tools as well, do to better shapes.

I am so inspired by the really amazing people that I've found via Bento Central and the really talented women who blog and twitter about their bento adventures! I am very encouraged by everyone who leaves such kind and encouraging words when they visit here. Thank you all so very much!


  1. that nori cutting is great, are you kidding?! super cute smilibg bear!

  2. I know the problems with nori cutting. I don't have face punches, too. So I think your face looks great ;) Don't worry about it.

  3. I enjoy to look at your smiling bear Melanie! Nice presentation :)

  4. Very cute bear bento and you did a fantastic job on cutting the nori! :D