Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi. My name is Melanie, and I have a bento addiction.

That out of the way, I had this little box waiting for me when I arrived home today. My pulse actually raced a little faster- which makes me believe that I definitely have the disease of addiction.

I opened it up, excitedly, and pulled out all the bits inside (are you as excited as I am?!!):

I think that in addition to the couple of bento boxes and travel chopsticks I have, I made a good selection for starter items! I am quite pleased!!

The box is a two level box, but there are no dividers in the top box, which is what I was JUST thinking that I wanted. The cutters look sturdy enough to cut veggies, which is what I was hoping for. The decorative picks are super cute, and the grass dividers solve my GREEN problem (living alone, I can't get through a whole head of lettuce before it goes bad).

The nori punch excites me, too!! I bought a simple hole punch today to better do nori eyes, but I think I will invest in some of those cute face punches (that sounds so funny!!).

The ONLY thing I wasn't expecting- the divider cups (top center) are NOT reusable. I thought it had one red and one blue, and they were in plastic. Turns out, there are three or four of each color and they are sturdy paper. THIS is why learning Japanese will be useful for me!! ^_^

I can't wait to place my next order. ALREADY!!


  1. LOL, I need to join Bentos Anonymous too! :D

  2. Congrats! I like the fan cutter set, I don't have that one yet :)

  3. Do we need to make a group for this addiction? Hehehe ... Nice bento stuffs there. Watch out more is coming soon :)

  4. Hehe, who nows Lia, but I think every bentoist could join then ;)

    As for the packet: Congratulation! I know this exited feeling^^ I have got my nori face punches today and must try them right away. But my nori is to old... Well, should buy a new package ;)
    Wish you a lot of fun with your new bento goodies ^-^

  5. Nori punch - I didn't even know they existed. Now I must have one!