Monday, January 11, 2010

Bento #2

So this Bento is the other bento box that I bought while in New Jersey. It's smaller, stackable, and blue! It's really adorable. It will probably end up being Dylan's when he starts kindergarten, because how cute is that. I know that you know what I mean, internet.

I must admit that while I am excited about the cuteness of bento, how fun it is as a little hobby, it ends up being overwhelming when you see the really amazing bento boxes that are out there. Pikko and Happa Bento take it to this whole other level. I'm no where near there yet- BUT it's inspiring to see their work and know that after a time, I will be be someone who inspires other people as well.

There are just so many cute gadgets for making bento boxes!! I do admit that I am limiting myself a bit by choosing to be gluten free (I'm doing it in an attempt to feel better physically and lose weight, I have not been diagnosed with anything that dictates I should eat this way), BUT I have yet to feel like I'm "missing out" on anything.

Today's Bento:
The bottom layer is two rice balls, with a crescent and star cut out of red bell pepper, on a bed of curly leaf lettuce. The top layer is orange slices, some apple/cranberry/blue cheese salad from yesterday, and some...well, I don't know what they are called. But here's the story:

When I was in New Jersey, at Mitsuwa, I had a bento tray for lunch. In the tray were these egg square like things that tasted like egg, but with a little sweetness. So I tried to imitate it when I got home- I put egg whites into a glass baking dish and drizzled maple syrup over the top (it sank to the bottom) I then cooked it in the oven at 350 for 15-20 minutes. I let it cool completely, then cut it into squares. (Before you go all "ewww" on me- it's like having a hard boiled egg. But without the yukky yolk. So shush.) I haven't decided what I'm going to call them, so for now they are "egg squares" until someone tells me differently. That's what's in the middle.

I need to work on my knife skills, I know. But I am looking forward to getting better at this! I found out tonight that there is a small Japanese market about 30 minutes away from where I live, so I am going to go there this weekend, to see what I can find. :)

I ended up ordering some supplies from a website called J-list:

1 "WA" DECO Bento Set Type B ~ vegetable Shaper & BARAN / Partition
1 Mini Study Q & A Bento Cup for Japanese Students
1 Pink x Blue Mini Bento Sauce Bottle ~ 6pcs
1 Mini Punch for DECO Bento ~ Clover
1 HENSHIN / Transforming Bento DECO Picks
1 BARAN -- Bento/Sushi Decorative Partition Grass
1 WA IRO-DORI Picks Set

And another bento box for the collection. I'd like to initially get up to one for each day of the week, but realize that I should branch out into more sizes for variety.


  1. "So shush" LOL I love it. That is a super cute blue bento box! I like those little guys.

  2. You make a great bento there. I come across your blog from Bento Central. Nice to meet you :o)

  3. Also saw you on bento central :) I live in NJ about 45 min from Mitsuwa - wish it was even closer! Welcome to the bento obsession! lol :)