Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun Time!!

As you can well imagine, I was very excited to pack my new bento box this morning.

It's exactly the size I was hoping it would be- I really love to have a very light lunch, but also enjoy having my rice separate from everything else. It might just be a weird thing of mine, but it's how I like it. ;)

Anyway, today's bento box is rice with black sesame seeds, with nori clover and carrot star details.
Also: those little sauce bottles are HARD to fill up!! I need to find a tiny dropper or something, it took WAY too long to put sauces in them this morning.

The top box is a tuna salad with chopped cilantro, shredded carrots, and corn. Then I arranged some kiwi and oranges.

Can't wait for lunch!! ^_^


  1. awesome use of new box! love the little accents on the rice, the layered fruit in the other tier is so pretty, and the bunny bottle is ADORABLE!

  2. You filled the new box so pretty. Little clovers and stars, also the green baran are really making the lunch special :)

  3. Love the rice layer, it's so fresh and pretty! Congrats and have fun with your bentomaking in this adorable box! About the sauce bottles, Lia (MyBentolicious) has a post on how to do this easily on her site. It's a nice tutorial, do take a look!