Monday, January 18, 2010


Today's bento box: Cauliflower with coconut curry sauce, meatballs, and a rice ball (colored with a bit of tumeric in the cooking process) with dried plums. I even tried to make little face bits from nori- although I am anxiously awaiting the cute little face punch I ordered!

I spent some time this last weekend looking through flickr photo pools of the gorgeous bento boxes that people do- it's so inspiring!! I can't wait to do so many more!

I want to thank Lil'chan for a blog award!

I don't know enough bloggers to pass the award on- but I will list ten things that make me happy!!

1. Bento Boxes! I love my new hobby!
2. Video games. I play mmo's more than I should- but I can't get enough of Final Fantasy XI!
3. Big Bang Theory- one of the only tv shows I watch, and totally worth it. So funny in the perfect geeky way!
4. Spending time with my best friend! Joseph makes me happier than anyone else ever has.
5.! Where else could you find a pen that's 0.18??
6. Little tiny candies that fizz in your mouth. We found some at Mitsuwa and they were fantastic!
7. My barefoot dreams blanket! It's the best blanket in the WHOLE WORLD.
8. Blogging! I love being able to talk about anything I want to.
9. My camera! I love my DSLR! I can't wait to get an even better one. Full frame here I come!
10. New York City! My favorite city in the world!

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  1. Aw, your Onigiri is so cute! And your brokkoli sounds delicious. Can you share your recipe with us? That would be great <3