Monday, February 1, 2010

Musubi Bento Box

Inspired by Pikko at Adventures in Bentomaking, I decided to try my hand at some spam musubi. I also wanted to try my tamagoyaki pan, BUT my first effort was completely dismal. The second go around I sort of cheated and just cooked all of it at once. I'll keep trying until I get it, though...even scrambled, the eggs are completely delicious like that.

So. Around the edges, I have cucumber slices, a dried plum, tomatoes, clementine pieces (I picked up a big lot of them, so they will be making more of an appearance in the next week or so!), and star fruit. In the middle I have some spam musubi (I'm making good use of my new clover nori punch), tamagoyaki musubi (I don't know if this is a proper combination but it tastes so yummy!), and another spam musubi. I did put a bit of nori furikake between the rice and the top.

I DO wish I'd made them smaller- like half the size, as I don't think I will be able to finish all three. I think that next time I will! ^_^

Oh!! The candy...I was especially pleased to find out that my favorite Japanese candies were in stock at the Asian Market (it's hit or miss, they have a hard time keeping them in stock). I love these- they are tiny little fruit flavored balls of candy that FIZZ in your mouth! It's fantastic, and so yummy. Such a perfect little treat!

I also discovered (thanks to my bento friends on twitter!) that the difference between onigiri and musubi is that onigiri is just a rice ball, and musubi has nori wrapped around it. I didn't know- but now I do- and now you do too!! ^_^


  1. I love it!! The colours just all go so well together, and the spam musubi looks particularly delish! (closet spamaholic here)

    One of my very favourite kaiten-zushi is the tamagoyaki nigiri - mm mm actually looks like a mini version of your tamagoyaki musubi :)

  2. looks great! i bet the egg and the spam are very complimentary, and all your little pieces of fruit and veg (and picks) are very cute!

  3. You never cease to amaze me with all your talent!

  4. Looks very nice Melanie! Perfect combination for spam musubi and tamagoyaki musubi.

  5. Fantastic bento! I loooove spam musubis!!! :D Those star fruit slices are so festive.

  6. "yum" from a vegetarian. "Yummers", from Saba Man, not a vegetarian! That's high praise from him. :)

    But in any case... very cool bento with an island favorite. Nice shot too.