Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Smiley Bear!

Today's Bento Box is a really fun one!!

With some tamagoyaki that I made yesterday, I cut a circle. then I put it on an onigiri (with nori furikake) of the same shape! I used cucumbers for ears, and cheese and nori for the face.

The rest of the box is some raspberry and chocolate pudding in a silicone cup, a clementine, cherries, tomatoes, and more cucumber slices. I feel like I should have had some sort of decoration for the pudding, so I made notes on that for the future. Maybe a flower stencil and some sugar sprinkles?

Anyway, I can't wait for lunch!!


  1. What a cute bear face! and a delicious looking bento too!

  2. Cute happy bear! Nice cut and color for the cucumber ears :)

  3. haha ! There's a happy meal if i ever saw one! Cutie pie!