Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Bento

This bento box makes me very happy.

I have been feeling as though my last few bentos weren't very healthy- or were too big, or something (I wasn't even able to finish the last bento, it was too big as I suspected). Anyway.

I went to the store tonight, and let the food talk to me for a little while. I kept an open mind but honestly, I love fruit so very much and so the fact that I ended up buying a bunch of fruit was really no great surprise.

What WAS a surprise, however, was finding this Stay Fit EZ Freeze Lunch container. I was excited about the possibilities- and came home and was even more surprised to see the variety of products available on their website.

I was well pleased with the price (I bought mine at my local Super WalMart), as buying authentic bento boxes gets expensive for me here in North Carolina, especially once you add in the shipping. So I have been looking for alternatives to hold me over until I can afford to invest in more bento boxes from Japan.

We have strawberries, cherries, blackberries and a clementine in the left side, and a rice ball (from yesterday's rice) that I absolutely cannot wait to enjoy. Then some wedges of "bread" and fat free turkey breast. Cilantro to garnish, and I plan to put that in the sandwiches (I think). Yumminess all around!! ^_^

Tomorrow I will draw a winner for the contest and post the name!


  1. Love your divided box Melanie! Lucky find for you! I have lots of these simple containers; some divided like this one, and even just stainless steel bowls with lids. In many ways, it doesn't matter what the box looks like. The food is what makes the bento, as you well know :)
    Your best to date! I like the triangle thins and the big fruit assortment!

  2. Melanie that box is great. I did the same thing before I got my first bento. Then it took me forever to use the actual bento for the first time because I wanted to put something special in it. I still to this day use my other containers as well as my bentos. I bought a lot of mine from ebay by the way at varying prices. Besides it's what you put in it right. I would love to eat this bento that fruit looks so fresh.

  3. Beautiful bento and love the box! Look at all of that fresh fruit and your musubi is too cute!

  4. This bento bring a lot of happiness with that cute musubi and colorful foods inside your bento. Great bento Melanie!

  5. Looks delicious!! I am drooling over your delicious fruit! I need it to be in season now so we can stuff ourselves! :D