Monday, February 15, 2010


Taking a break from bento today- we celebrated the Chinese New Year yesterday, and Valentine's Day the day before that, so I'm feeling a little stuffed! Doing a nice juice fast for the next day or so to reboot my system!

Speaking of juice fasts, has anyone ever tried Blueprint Cleanse? I came across their website last week and I am thinking of giving it a try!

Anyway. I had gluten this past weekend, and it didn't make me happy. When Coury P. suggested that gluten free would change my life, I thought "sure, okay, I know I'll lose some weight, so I'll give it a go", but I never realized that he was right- it actually has changed my life. Joseph and I had chicken paninis and some beer the night of the Canes/Devils game, and then last night I had some sourdough bread along with our wonderfully festive meal (main course of which was a pork roast with a lovely five spice rub). This morning, my body was very upset with me, and I feel kind of heavy and icky all over. SO! Back to being completely gluten-free lifestyle is actually something I'm looking forward to.

I am eagerly awaiting getting back to my craft/hobby again though- I can't wait to use my new nori punches! I went to Michael's (a US chain craft store) on Friday. I wanted to see if I could get some scrapbook punches in different shapes to use for nori. I got a star and a heart, so I was happy about that, since I only had a clover one and wanted a bit more variety. I really like doing a single punch in the middle of a nori strip on musubi, I think it gives it something a little extra special. I also found the metal cookie cutters, so I bought a flower set and a heart set. Before I knew it, I'd spent $60! But, all the items I got were items I will use, so it ends up being an investment rather than frivolous expense. I do always end up spending $5 or so from their $1 bins- they have card sets that are a great deal, and I do love sending cards in the post.

I also have a craft idea to make a dinner bento box, so we'll see how that turns out. I may or may not post it, depending. But I will let you know if it turns out. ;)

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