Friday, February 5, 2010

Giveaway: Think Pink!

I have found a whole new group of wonderful people since I have started doing bento boxes. I feel very encouraged every single day, and inspired to do more and be even more creative.

I want to do a giveaway to celebrate my first month of bento boxes! Today's giveaway is a small one, but a fun one for those of you who love doing bento boxes!

(1) Three compartment, pink bento box
(2) flower silicon reusable cups
(3) sauce bottles
(1) syringe (for filling the sauce bottles!)
(1) bag of my very favorite candy! Small, colorful, and the perfect addition to any bento box.

I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, so everyone can enter if they like!

To win, post your answer to this question:
"What inspires you?"

Additional entries:
1. Follow me on Twitter (and post here to let me know!)
2. blog about the giveaway and link back
3. Tweet about it!

So there you have it! Contest will run until Wednesday, February 10th!


  1. What inspires you?

    All those great bentomakers out there! All the cute things they make and blog about inspire me!! But also cute boxes and all those great recipes out there!

  2. BTW ;) I also follow you on twitter now! I didnt see it before so it is a good thing you mentioned it :)

  3. Using the syringe to fill the bottles is genius! I would never have thought of those :D

    My son inspires me to bento! He always has the best ideas about what should go in his box!

  4. fresh ingredients inspire me to create a delicious and equally delicious looking lunch!

  5. Do I have to answer what inspires me to bento? Because I don't bento, but I do have three lunch cubes... I am inspired to use those because A) they're cute, and B) they're an inspired means of portion control!

    In my life, my daughter inspires me. I want to do good by her.

    Also, does it count that I am already your follower?

  6. my sister in law inspires me to bento....she bought me my first bento box for my 21st birthday and used bento to help me deal with the issues i have about food and eating

    my best friend jesu inspires me in life...she has shown me that we are not defined by the way other people perceive us and what they think :)
    ....also she makes the most amazing cupcakes :)

  7. Ooo i have the pink bento box,very useful for a sandwich or salad bento!love tge silicon cups,sooooo pretty!

    Food inspires me.Finding ingredients and putting it all together to play off each others' texture ,flavors and colors inspires me to make fresh & healthy bentos

  8. What inspires me?

    I'm always inspired by fresh and beautiful ingredients, but I think the things that inspire me most of all, (aside from my lovely bento friends) would have to be kitchen accidents. I love it when I mess up a recipe, and then discover that it's become something completely different, or that it could be something completely different. Somehow I've always pulled through to make something equally delicious. I guess that just means that luck, inspiration and determination have combined in my favor. I am so blessed.

    P.S.: I also just followed you on twitter. (I'm @fishsyrup)

  9. What inspires me?

    Those rare moments in time when I can suspend all the self-doubt and really see myself for who I am and the impact I have (or CAN have) on others.

    The times when I take on a character and live the life of someone else to the depths of my soul...When I can see the world so clearly from their perspective it inspires me to clarify my own view and to help others see as clearly.

    Those moments as a parent when my 11 yr old (on his own) stops to hold a door open to let a woman with a stroller go first...or my daughter reads quietly to my youngest (without prompting) or my youngest randomly hugs and older person just because they needed a hug. Those moments stop me in my tracks and a voice whispers in my're doing something right. THAT inspires me.

    The incredible generosity of my friends who are helping us during our move...just because I took the time to listen. That inspires and humbles me.

  10. How cute! You are now on the blogroll at Judy's Bento Box. I love that sweet little wind chime. Gonna steal it. (so that's inspiration.)

  11. what inspires me? travel -- either for real with my passport, or visually through the travel channel (love to see foods of other cultures). and flickr. not kidding -- so many wonderful foodies and bento artists and just plain old "livers of life" doing their thing on their, i could surf through other people's bright colors, textures, faces, places all day long. endless inspiration.

    thanks for having the contest -- i covet those flower silicone cups!

  12. For me, the price of ready meals and eating out in general inspires me to pack lunch for myself. My waistline and my wallet both benefit.

    PS. I just started following you on Twitter

  13. The community spirit and creativity of others inspire me. But I'm in a bit of a bento slump right now -- haven't made 1 this year yet! :( Having some new kawaii stuff might help ;)

    I'm following you on twitter btw (as Graasland).

    I like your virtual wind chimes!

  14. I'm inspired AND motivated by fun! I like to have fun. I enjoy watching others experience fun too.

  15. I'm inspired by the generous bento makers who willingly share ideas on how to make a bento more interesting:)

    I'm jsut a beginner but am so into it because of ALL of U bloggers who faithfully put up ur BENTO sets EVERYDAY!

    it's so encouraging to see all ur hard work:)
    Keep it up my fellow bento-makers!
    u all are AWESOME!

  16. btw..i just started following u in twitter..that's how i get to know this contest last minute..:)

  17. What inspires me?

    Motivation inspires me, Inspiration motivates me! For many years I have suffered with very very bad skin on my hands due to eczema. Often my fingers would be dry, cracked and sore and I dreaded the thought of housework and getting my fingers in foods to cook or clean up, due to the rash and irritation of the food or detergents on my hands. This year though has been a whole new start for me! I saw one of the Flybabies on the Flylady website mentioned her new hobby being Bento, and on the look out for a new hobby I got interested and wanted to make Charabens. Now I have found some very thin unpowdered latex gloves that I use as a "second skin" so I can get up and be creative in the kitchen! My Think Pink Bento is here

  18. ps I am following you on Twitter - I am @bentoboxuk

  19. I am @angeleneteo..

    i just tweet about it!

    LURVE pink!!

  20. I love your Bento boxes...but I am not commenting for the contest...I have to tell I am reading this there is a bell that keeps jingling...both Jett and I keep asking eachother where the bell noises are coming from...Jett said "mom, are sure it's not your wine glass?" Then he said "mom, stop making jingle noises" I told him that it wasn't me...and that I did not know where the jingle sounds were coming from.. lol...I just discovered it's your I write. LMAO.