Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gyoza and Fruit

Ok. I have been so stuffed with rice the past few days, I decided to take a day (maybe two) off.

I packed tomorrow's lunch tonight, with some gyoza leftover from dinner. Yummy! I kept it simple with some fruit on the side. Those musubi's are good- but way too big! Next time they will be smaller. I don't like feeling stuffed at lunch. Anyway.

Here it is:

Pretty, huh? I also have some broth soup on the side (in a steel thermos), flavored with a teensy-weensy bit of garlic and ginger- yummy!!

Nice, light lunch. All is right with the world.


  1. Yes, pretty! Sounds like a perfect bento to me! :)

  2. It is pretty Melanie! Gyoza with black sesame seeds looks delicious :)

  3. Great bento! It looks very lovely with all of the different colors. :D